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“Brian Reese knows more about Veterans Benefits than anyone I know, to include the US Government and Veteran Affairs. He’s established himself as one of the nation’s foremost Veteran Benefit experts. If you apply his tips, strategies, and lessons learned he explains in this eBook, you’ll be on the success path to securing your benefits.”

- Mike Sarraille, U.S. Navy SEAL, Founder and CEO of Talent War Group, 10 combat deployments, recipient of the Silver Star, 6 Bronze Stars for Valor, and a Purple Heart

"What Brian outlines in this eBook helped empower me to take charge of my life and benefits. The knowledge, empathy, and confidence from him and his team were felt from the very first strategy session. I went to 100% P&T in 2 months. The feeling of hope and vindication was indescribable. This guide on Secondary Service Connection is must read for all Veterans! THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!"

- Jon Reid, USA Disabled Veteran

 About the Author

Brian Reese was good at masking his combat PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

He even told himself he did not “deserve” benefits, which he later discovered was complete bullsh*t.

As an Air Force officer deployed to Afghanistan, he embodied the motto of “service before self.”

Unfortunately, like many veterans, his service came at his own expense, and abusing alcohol and drugs to cope with mental health issues nearly ended his life.

But by the grace of God and the power of pure vulnerability, Brian began a transformational journey of overcoming social stigmas and persevering through adversity.

This journey has become a global movement of Veterans Helping Veterans Worldwide™

In You Deserve It, Brian provides veterans with a step-by-step blueprint to help them obtain virtually unknown federal and state benefits.

With years of personal experience, and more than 10,000 hours devoted to helping veterans get the benefits they’re entitled to by law, Brian provides readers with unparalleled insight and expertise that forms the foundation of his “SEM Method.”

Strategy + Education + Medical Evidence = Veteran Benefits You Deserve in Less Time!

Whether you served 30 days or 30 years, this book will educate and inspire you to reap the rewards for your honorable service to our country.

Author Bio:

Military.com says "Brian Reese is one of the world’s leading experts in veteran benefits," having helped millions of veterans secure their financial future since 2013.

A former active-duty Air Force officer, Brian deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, where he earned the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for exceptionally meritorious wartime service.

He is a distinguished graduate of management of the United States Air Force Academy and earned his MBA as a National Honor Scholar from the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University.

Brian Reese and his team of VA Claim Experts at VA Claims Insider have helped 25,000+ veterans get the VA benefits they've earned for their honorable service to our nation. 

Will you be next?


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